photo by Brian Ach

Who? Me? Cars? About 70 BMWs in 40 years, including three dozen 2002s, a dozen tiis, and six E9 coupes (counting two parts cars). Plus the six Vanagons. And the six Suburbans. And the ’82 Porsche 911SC I had the good sense to sell in 2011 right before everything air-cooled went fucking nuts. And the Winnebago Rialta. And the Triumph GT6+, the car that taught me that everything bad you’ve ever heard about British cars is true. And the powder blue 1963 Rambler Classic 660 I left dead by the side of Rt 2 in 1981 before I moved down to Austin with Maire Anne; never quite forgave myself for that (the car, not the move; the move was the smartest thing I ever did in my life). And, of course, the Lotus, which is clearly my penance for both sins and joy beyond measure.

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Oh, here’s the video I did with Magnus Walker on the clownshoe.

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