Rob Siegel is a performing songwriter and car guy from Newton, MA (well, Old Bethpage, then Amherst, then Lexington, then Amherst again, then Austin, then Boston, but after 30 years, yeah, I’m from Newton MA oh wait I’m supposed to be talking in the third person). Rob has written the monthly column The Hack Mechanic™ for Roundel, the magazine of The BMW Car Club of America, for 35 years. In addition, online Hack Mechanic columns appear weekly on Hagerty’s and BMW CCA’s websites. Rob has also written for Road & Track, Sports Car Market, Forbes, and Bimmer, and is the author of eight automotive-related books, including The New York Times-reviewed Memoirs of a Hack Mechanic. Given his druthers, he’d rather be a full-time performing songwriter, but damn the cars sure are a lot of fun.