I’ve got three CDs out.

A Landscape of Ghosts, my first album in 14 years, was recorded at Hollow Body Studio, produced by Doug Kwartler, and released in 2018. The album charted on FolkDJ, with 13 of the 14 songs receiving radio play. Guild D40 can be heard below.

Guild D40 by Rob Siegel

Voices from the Right Brain was recorded by Steve Friedman (Melville Park Studios) and released in 2004. It’s a live album, mostly taken from a single show at Club Passim in Cambridge. The album charted on FolkDJ. In The Song is below.

In The Song by Rob Siegel

Shaker Chair was recorded at Mellville Park Studios and released in 2000. The songs Elemental and Sense of History were played on the WUMB radio network. Elemental is below.

All three CDs, either physical or download, are available here on Bandcamp, or through the usual streaming / download services of Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, YouTube, etc. If you want a signed CD, contact me directly at

In addition, three songs have been on Hudson Harding folk radio singles compilations—I Made My Peace With Christmas, For My Boys, and The Duck Pond.

I Made My Peace With Christmas by Rob Siegel
For My Boys by Rob Siegel